Drywall Water Damage Restoration in Chicagoland

Drywall water damage can happen any time a pipe burst or flooding occurs in a home. It can also happen when there is a leak in your roof which affects both the ceiling and the walls. The signs of drywall damage are rather obvious since they typically show up as stains, bulging drywall material, and could even cause the affected area to collapse. If you ever notice signs of drywall water damage in your home, you need to contact professional restoration specialists, like us at Romexterra Construction for help as soon as you notice them.

Why Start Restoration Immediately

It is important that you contact professional help to take care of this problem right away. Contacting Romexterra Construction for your drywall water damage restoration needs will help you return your home to normal as soon as possible. There are many reasons why it is crucial that you get such damage repaired immediately, and these include:

  • Prevents mold growth – if you let water damage sit without addressing the problem, chances are, mold will grow inside the ceiling and wall cavities of your home. This can bring about more problems which include health issues and structural damage.
  • Prevents wood rot – the wooden beams supporting your walls and ceiling may also suffer from extensive damage if drywall water damage is not addressed immediately. The insulation that is found in your ceiling and walls can get saturated with moisture, which in turn will saturate the wood in your walls and ceilings, causing them to rot in the process.
  • Prevents structural damage – wood rot and mold can bring about structural damage due to the damaged beams and other wood components of your home. When this happens, repairs and restoration will cost more.

Call Romexterra for Drywall Water Damage Restoration in the Chicagoland Area

If you notice signs of drywall water damage in your home in the Greater Chicagoland Area, you should contact a restoration and repair expert like Romexterra Construction immediately. We can help you repair and restore the damaged parts of your home with our long list of restoration services. Aside from repairing water damage issues, we can also remove mold and repair the leak that caused your drywall water damage problem in the first place.

To get the help you need for your water damaged drywall, simply contact us at 312-313-2426 and we will send over a team to assess the problem and give you a free estimate for restoration services.

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