Attic Water Damage Restoration in Greater Chicagoland

Contrary to popular belief, attic water damage is not as rare a problem as it may seem. Attics can suffer from water damage for various reasons from extreme weather conditions and situations where leaks, condensation, and other similar situations occur. When this happens, you will need to contact a restoration company for water damage restoration in the attic and the company to call in this situation is Romexterra Construction.

Causes of Attic Water Damage

Your attic can suffer from water damage any time water finds its way into this space in your home. Some of the most common reasons why water damage occurs here include the following:

Roof Ice Dams

Attic Water Damage Restoration in Greater Chicagoland

Ice dams form because of the difference in temperatures outside the attic and inside it. The warmer temperatures in your attic melt the ice or snow that has accumulated on your eaves or roof. As these travel along your roof and gutters, the colder outside temperatures re-freeze these. This constant melting and freezing over a period of a few days can create ice dams. This creates a pool of water that cannot be dispersed due to the dam, which in turn leaks into your attic causing attic water damage.

Holes in the Roof

Holes in the Roof

If your roof has holes that you are not able to fix, your attic may experience water damage if torrential rains occur. These holes may not be easy to see because they are found under your shingles and are often unseen. These holes can also form from hailstorms and strong winds, but whatever the case may be, holes in the roof can cause water to leak into your attic, which can cause damage to the rooms and belongings below the roof.


Holes in the Roof

Even if there are no holes in your roof where leaks may bring water damage to your attic, you can still experience water damage via condensation. This is when the warm moist air rises into your cold attic and condensates, causing such problems such as wood rot and even structural issues.

Let Romexterra Solve Your Water Damage Issues in Chicagoland

When you notice damp and musty odors coming from the attic in your home, it is a sign that you have attic water damage. The possibility of mold growth then increases because of the moisture in the attic. To properly handle such a problem, you will need professional help from a reliable restoration company like Romexterra Construction.

Our trained and certified specialists can handle any water damage problem and restore your attic to its former glory while removing problems like mold growth and mildew in the process. To get the help you need today, simply contact us at 312-313-2426 and we will be happy to help you restore your attic in the Greater Chicagoland Area.

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