Water Damage Restoration for Roof Leak in Chicagoland

In addition to cracked and broken shingles, strong storms can cause leaks in your roof. If prompt action is not taken, water damage caused by roof leaks could become severe. Sometimes, these water damages go unnoticed for a long time and finally result in the formation of mold, which may seriously harm the structure of your property.

At times like this, count on Romexterra Construction Inc. for prompt water damage restoration and prevent mold growth. However, if you do have a mold situation, we provide mold remediation services to deal with it too. We have been serving the local residents & business owners since 2003, and can help you as well!

Call us at 312-313-2426 for professional water damage restoration for your roof leak.

Storm Damage Restoration in Barrington & Dolton

Storms like hail, hurricanes, and strong winds are capable of messing with your roof and causing leaks. In addition to leaks, it may also cause other structural damage and even water damage. To address these damages and help you recover affordably, Romexterra Construction Inc. offers exclusive storm damage restoration services that include:

Hail storm

Structural Water & Mold Remediation Services

Wherever water manages to get in where it’s not supposed to, it brings water damage along with it, just like roof leaks. It can significantly harm the structural components of your property leading to rot and even mold growth. Mold is known for causing additional damage as it feeds on the material and degrades it over time. But, Romexterra Construction Inc. is well-equipped to deal with such situations and help restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. We offer:

Water extraction service

Let The Professionals Deal With Your Roof Leak & Water Damages

Romexterra Construction Inc. offers 24/7 water damage restoration services in Barrington, Geneva, Dolton, Oak Park & other surrounding areas in Chicagoland, IL. Call us at 312-313-2426 when you need professional water damage restoration for your home or business.

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