Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Greater Chicagoland

The most common reason why your plumbing overflows is due to a blockage in the system. When something is blocking the pipes, water has no other way to go but up. Once your toilet or bathtub overflows, you’re inviting several water-related disasters and contaminants into your home. Dealing with these problems isn’t going to be easy, so it’s best that you contact Romexterra Construction for help.

Romexterra Construction Fire and Water Restoration Services offers professional water damage restoration services in the Greater Chicagoland City Area. Our excellent plumbing overflow cleanup can deal with all levels of overflow to ensure that your property’s environment remains safe and healthy for you and your household.

3 Categories of Contaminated Water You May Experience

There are three categories of contaminated water that can infiltrate your home. These are:

Category 1: Clean Water

Clean Water

The source of a category 1 overflow may come from a broken water supply line or leaking faucet. Though its appearance looks “clean” category 1 overflow can turn to category 2 or 3 if left unattended.

Category 2: Gray Water

Gray Water

Category 2 overflow could cause discomfort or illness if not immediately cleaned. Examples of gray water overflow include:

  • Washing machine overflow
  • Dishwasher overflow
  • Toilet overflow (with urine and no feces)

Category 2 may contain bacteria and viruses. It could also escalate to category 3 if left untreated.

Category 3: Black Water

Black Water

Category 3 overflow is severely contaminated and may cause illness or death if ingested. If you’re experiencing this kind of overflow, avoid coming in contact with it at all cost. Black water contains harsh chemicals, untreated sewage or microbes. Some examples of category 3 overflow include:

  • Stagnate water that supports microbial growth
  • Toilet overflow (with feces)
  • Water from beyond the toilet trap
  • Flooding from rivers of streams

Trust Romexterra with Your Plumbing Overflow Cleanup Needs in Chicagoland

Don’t think that you can clean up toilet and other plumbing overflow on your own. Without the necessary equipment and cleaning tools, your property’s environment could worsen and become unhealthy. If you want to properly clean and get rid of any secondary damage caused by plumbing overflow, leave the task to Romexterra Construction Fire and Water Restoration Services Contact us at 312-313-2426 and we’ll handle the disaster professionally.

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