Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup in Chicagoland

Floods, leaks and other water-related disasters can quickly get out of hand. Because of this, you do what you can to stop the problem from getting worse. However, not all situations call for your typical repair techniques. When you encounter a large-scale or complex water disaster, it’s best that you let the water damage restoration professionals handle the problem from the start.

When a Water Disaster Strikes Call Romexterra

Contact Romexterra Construction Fire and Water Restoration Services immediately if your property has endured a water-related catastrophe. We have the necessary tools to restore your property to its undamaged condition, as well as the experience to perform a proper restoration job. Our tried-and-tested procedures not only address the situation at hand, but also prevent secondary damages from developing.

Oftentimes, secondary damage appears after a water-related disaster has run its course. Mold, wood rot, and bacterial contamination are not only hard to control but difficult to spot as well. If they aren’t dealt with immediately, they can trigger asthma and allergies, as well as cause structural problems (e.g. softening of wooden beams and walls) in the building itself. Using improper water damage restoration techniques could make your situation worse and turn your property’s environment into an unhealthy and unsafe space for you and your family.

Disaster water damage chicagoland

Our fully licensed and certified technicians will make sure that these problems won’t show up again. We follow a strict procedure that determines which techniques to use to properly deal with the damage. This process includes:

  • Free water damage inspection
  • Water damage extraction (clean up, dry out, and repair)
  • Provide contents restoration and storage
  • Complete water damage restoration and mold remediation
  • Complete demolition (construction and reconstruction)

Additionally, we can work directly with your insurance provider to help you file a water damage insurance claim faster.

Restoration Services We Offer in Chicagoland

At Romexterra Construction, we want to help as many properties as possible with their water-damage problems. Because of this, we offer different types of water damage restoration services that address the specific problem you are facing. We know for a fact that water disasters aren’t always created by natural disasters. If you’re experiencing a water-related catastrophe, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll perform one of the following:

  • Appliance leak cleanup
  • Flooring water damage
  • Structural restoration
  • Plumbing overflow cleanup
  • Flood Damage
Appliance leak cleanup
Flooring water damage
Structural restoration
Plumbing overflow cleanup

Contact Romexterra for the Best Restoration Services in Chicagoland

For over a decade, Romexterra Construction Fire and Water Restoration Services has been servicing communities in the Greater Chicagoland Area, including Naperville Joliet, Aurora, Schaumburg, Evanston, Arlington Heights, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Orland Park, Oak Park, Downers Grove & Oak Lawn. Our experience and passion drives us to provide you with excellent restoration services that can help you rise from a water or fire disaster. We guarantee fast and efficient service, so you can return to your normal lives as soon as possible. If you need our help, just contact us at 312-313-2426 and we’ll be ready to help.

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