Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services in Bloomingdale, IL

Disasters strike seemingly out of nowhere and no one is exempt. Fortunately, residents of Bloomingdale, IL can rely on Romexterra Construction to work quickly and efficiently to combat fire damage and water damage among our long list of restoration services.

Though the years, Bloomingdale has been hit by tornadoes, thunderstorm winds, blizzards, floods, hail, ice storms, wildfires, winter storms, and other extreme weather events. It’s important to always be prepared. So be sure to contact Romexterra in your times of need. 

Our technicians are certified and well-trained to handle all sorts of disaster restoration jobs. We have been in the restoration industry for more than 15 years. We have the right tools to help you effectively. 

Water & Fire Damage Restoration by Romexterra in Bloomingdale, Illinois

We know how important quick response is for minimizing damage after a disaster. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service. Call us anytime for the following services:

  • Water Damage Restoration - From water leaks to storms and heavy flooding, all of these can cause water damage. And unattended water damage can only worsen. Make sure that you trust a professional to do a thorough water damage restoration on your property. We can dry and clean your property and fix problems inside the house that could cause indoor floodings, such as leaky appliances, burst pipe or toilet overflow.
  • Fire Damage Restoration - Fires are scary because they can do a lot of damage in a short period of time and still continue to put your property and health at risk even after the last flame has been extinguished. Soot and smoke can stick to the walls and cause respiratory problems, as well as cause structural damage to your property. Be sure to contact Romexterra Construction after a fire so we can work quickly and minimize potential damage.
  • Storm Damage Restoration - Being prepared is key to protecting your property from storms. If you got caught unaware, it could result in a lot of damage. Rainwater can enter opened windows and drench your furniture and carpeting. Strong winds can damage roofs and rip through walls. In some cases, complete reconstruction is necessary. We can help you with debris removal and restoration and reconstruction work.
  • Mold Remediation - When your basement or crawl spaces are damp, they can encourage the growth of mold. A property overtaken by mold will lose its value and will be difficult to live in. We can help you with mold removal, prevention, and clean up.

Contact Us for Fire Damage and Water Damage Restoration in Bloomingdale

When disaster strikes, quick response is essential in reducing the damage to your property. For help with fire or water damage, please act quickly and rely on the proven professionals from Romexterra Construction. When you need our services, give us a call at 312-313-2426 or send us a message via our contact us page.

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