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Restoration and Reconstruction Services in Des Plaines

Welcome to Romexterra, your Top Rated Local® general contractor in Des Plaines, IL.

We have been in the business as a remediation company for over 15 years, which has given us the opportunity to work on a variety of homes with a variety of issues. Some of the properties that we have worked on have had extensive damages, while others have only had minor damages. Regardless of the extent of work that laid ahead of us, we have always strived to provide the same quality of work. Our customers have always been able to depend on us to provide professional work, with quality materials, in a timely manner, at a feasible price. Beyond that, we work to make this process as easy as possible for our customers by working with their insurance company on what the costs of the damages will be, and how they will be handled.

While we offer a wide range of services in restoration, we also offer services in reconstruction and remodeling. Your home doesn’t need to be damaged for us to work on it. We pride ourselves on the construction that we provide, and we are happy to bring new life into a home that is outdated. Our kitchen remodeling can take the current look of your kitchen from dated and unattractive, to contemporary and beautiful, all at an affordable cost and with the same quality that we provide for our remediation services. We also provide bathroom remodeling, so don’t hesitate to ask us about those services as well.

Romexterra Offers the following Services in Des Plaines

At Romexterra, we offer a variety of services from restoration to reconstruction work in Des Plaines. Our list of services include:

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When your home is struck by disaster, you need damage control immediately, and our disaster recovery is the best in Des Plaines. We want the victims of fire damage or water damage to know they have a friend they can turn to in these trying times. Regardless of your restoration needs, we can take care of it, so call us right away and get back to the place that you call home.

To learn more about our services, or if you're ready to have your damages repaired, contact us at Romexterra today, at 312-313-2426!

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