Disaster Restoration and Renovation Services in Tinley Park

Your home protects you from the elements and provides creature comforts to your family 24/7. Constant use and exposure can take its toll on the structure, though. Before long, you’ll have to deal with water damage, molds, and even fire damage.

Water damage can be caused by burst or frozen pipesoverflowing toilets, or leaking appliances. These can lead to indoor flooding. Fire damage, on the other hand, refers to the effects of fire on a property. While many house fires can be quite small, they still leave behind smoke and soot and a burning smell that lasts for weeks.

Left unchecked, your home or workplace may become the site of a water- or fire-related disaster. When this happens, you’ll need the service of a trusted disaster restoration provider to help you get back on your feet and restore your property to its pre-disaster condition.

In Tinley Park, IL, property owners depend on Romexterra Construction for all their disaster restoration needs. With more than 15 years in the industry, you can count on our IICRC-certified technicians to provide top-notch restoration work for your property in Illinois.

Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services in Tinley Park, IL

Addressing fire- and water-related disasters as soon as possible is a great way of preventing further property damage. With that in mind, the following services can help restore the look and functionality of your property:

  • Mold Remediation: Crawlspaces and basements can be damp and humid, which turn them into the perfect breeding ground for molds. A moldy structure is a threat to one’s health, as mold spores cause diseases and trigger allergies. When you see or suspect that there is mold in your property, call us so we can take care of it ASAP.
  • Water Damage Restoration: Plumbing system overflows and leaky appliances can cause indoor flooding and extensive water damage. When you see standing water indoors, get in touch quickly with Romexterra. We can get rid of the excess water for you and repair the damaged section of the property.
  • Fire Damage Restoration: The smoke and soot that accumulated in the duct system after a fire can cause the burnt smell to linger for weeks. Get rid of the smell by asking Romexterra to clean the ducts.

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Top-notch restoration services are within reach when you get in touch with Romexterra. Our company operates in Chicagoland, including Tinley Park. We are open 24/7, so give us a call at 312-313-2426 or contact us online to get more information or to set up a time for restoration services.

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