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Restoration and Reconstruction Services in Schaumburg, IL

Uniting under the motto “Progress through Thoughtful Planning,” the village of Schaumburg has blossomed since its official incorporation in 1956. In 2017, Money Magazine ranked Schaumburg, IL ninth in its list of best places to live in the United States; the next year, it won the distinction of being the Best Place to Live in Illinois by the same magazine.

But life cannot be perfect 100% of the time, even in a community as successful as Schaumburg. The village is still susceptible to natural disasters and, according to, its risk of incurring tornado damage is much higher than the national average.  

It is in the most difficult circumstances that Romexterra Construction steps up to the plate. Part of our company mandate is a successful restoration after fire damage, water damage, storm damage, and natural disaster-caused damage.

We’re known to have some of the best disaster recovery practices in Schaumburg. You may feel inconvenienced, troubled, or downright demoralized when circumstances destroy your property. But you can find a fast friend and a business partner in restoration with Romexterra. 

Romexterra Construction: Chicagoland’s Most Trusted Restoration Service 

Romexterra Construction is a family-owned company that lives up to a mission of being “Chicagoland's Trusted Leader in Restoration and Clean-Up.” We were founded in 2003 as a contractor for general construction, but we’ve since expanded to remediation and restoration services.

This is work we do well. Our team holds certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), among others. We have the qualifications, as well as the willingness, to accept and successfully complete any restoration and remediation job in Schaumburg, IL. 

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After almost 20 years in the business, we’ve seen our share of disasters. We’ve cleaned up after storms, floods, fires, major mold outbreaks, and everything in-between.

We execute every restoration and remediation job with the same integrity, professionalism, and passion to help. There’s no magic behind a 100% successful clean-up: just the best tools, a commitment to staying on schedule, and quality work at an affordable price.

This is what endears us to our Schaumburg clients, as well as to customers within our home state of Illinois: we can make you breathe easy knowing that your life will be back to normal soon. 

Our Comprehensive Restoration & Remediation Services

Romexterra Construction spearheads a comprehensive list of restoration and remediation processes for our customers throughout the Chicagoland area. Among the services that we offer in Schaumburg, IL are: 

We don’t complete such difficult jobs on our own. Romexterra keeps in contact with each of our customers’ insurance companies in order to properly assess the costs of the damage.

We also make each customer feel valued and understood. This what we call “The Romexterra Advantage”—we’re big enough to handle any type of project but small enough to stay client-focused and work at client-friendly prices. 

Make it Through the Damage with Romexterra Construction

Need to get your property back in order after some major elemental damage? We are the most competent restorers in Schaumburg. When you need our services, Romexterra Construction will be there for you in your time of need. Visit our Contact Us page to or call 312-313-2426. Don’t worry, because help will be on the way soon!

Estimate Requests from Schaumburg
Magnus M. on July 16, 2018 9:39:10pm
We availed Romexterra's services before in remodeling our bathroom, and we might need your services again as we are setting up our townhome for sale.
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