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Nature might turn violent at any time due to widespread pollution. Due to this, fire and water damage are frequently seen in every region around the world. It can destroy your entire property within seconds. At that moment, you'll need a reliable source who can be your helping hand in this challenging time. Romexterra Construction Inc. is here to serve you with incredible restoration services for your residential and commercial properties. We are an IICRC-certified company, offering professional cleanup and restoration services throughout Batavia.

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Understand The Common Causes of Fire & Water Damage

Fire & water damages are frightening to the people facing the situation. Other than natural disasters, there might be other causes that can appear due to the irresponsibility of the household. Maintaining such situations can be helpful in reducing the percentages of such occurrences.

Fire Damage Causes:

  • Unattended cooking or combustible materials: These are frequent occurrences in the kitchen. Avoid keeping anything combustible or flammable close to the stove or any other open flames that might be dangerous.
  • Using candles: Careless candle burning results in several home fires every year. When you leave the room or the house, avoid burning candles.
  • Smoking: If you smoke around your house and do not extinguish the cigarettes, it might cause fire incidents accidentally.

Water Damage Causes:

  • Burst Pipes: Bursting pipes are very common, especially in the winter season. In order to avoid such a situation, try insulating the plumbing pipes.
  • Washing machine malfunctioning:  Water damage can be brought on by washing machines and other water-using appliances. When you are away from home, avoid using the dishwasher or laundry machine. Before the hoses start to deteriorate, bulge, or change color, replace them.
wall cabinet kitchen fire smoke damage fire damage restoration
  • Clogged gutters: If your rain gutters are clogged with debris, this can result in erosion and pools of standing water that can harm your property. Because of this, it's essential to keep the guttering system free of dirt and debris.

Romexterra Construction Inc. Provides The Best Restoration all over Batavia

Our company is one of the renowned ones, serving you top-notch damage restoration and cleanup services for a long period. The services we offer are - water damage, fire damage, storm damage, mold remediation, commercial restoration, and others.

We are available to serve you 24/7. Just make a call at 312-313-2426 or reach us online here

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  • Batavia, IL | March 04, 2021

Sam, Abner, and Kevin were very professional in explaining the work that was being done for our garage. We didn't have to do a thing, which was my biggest concern. When they were working-, they were working...

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