Water & Fire Damage Restoration across Bartlett, IL

Water and fire damage might occur when nature turns violent or sometimes due to many unusual accidents, like plumbing issues, clogged gutters, HVAC malfunctioning, smoke buildup, excess heating, or others. When these disasters strike through your property, they can cause severe hazards and make everything a mess. That's where Romexterra Construction Inc. comes forward to give a hand in restoring your property. We are an IICRC-certified company, offering a vast range of water & fire damage restoration services in order to assist you the best and bring your property to its pre-condition.

Our services are available in the Bartlett region and its nearby surroundings. To get 24/7 emergency restoration, call 312-313-2426. You can contact us online as well. Simply click the link here to have a discussion.

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Property?

Water damage cannot always be avoided. It's crucial to respond quickly and take precautions when water damage happens in your house to keep everyone safe and reduce further damage. But taking precautions is always the best decision.

  • Clean your gutters: A clogged gutter may cause foundation and siding damage by spilling water down the side of your property. Make sure your drainage system is functioning properly to prevent water damage.
  • Fix plumbing system: Mold and mildew are caused by constant water leakage. Look for ceiling stains, dark patches within sink cabinets, water drips, and other signs. This way water damage can be prevented.
  • Replace or repair rooftop: Examine your roof at least once every year. Replace any missing, sagging, or broken shingles. Check for leaks around the flashing and fix any sealant that is damaged.
  • Check the sump pump regularly: Storms activate the sump pumps. You don't want to discover that yours isn't functioning correctly at that point. To effectively maintain your sump pump and backup sump pump, inspect them.
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Romexterra Construction Inc. Is Your Reliable Restoration Partner!

Leaks, floods, other water-related disasters or any devastating fire incidents can occur anytime. Our company has the expertise and hands-on experience to provide the finest restoration and cleanup services. Our wide variety of services includes structural restoration, emergency water extraction, carpet water damage, fire damage restoration, smoke & soot removal, mold remediation, and more.

In case of any emergency, people of Bartlett can make a call at 312-313-2426 or visit the provided link here to communicate online.

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