Structural Mold Remediation Service around Chicagoland

The presence of mold in your home doesn’t only make your room look dingy, it causes several destructive situations. First off, it spreads a musty smell, raises the health risk, and could eventually cause structural damage. But there is always a solution to every problem. Because Romexterra Construction Inc. is here to deal with all the mold-relevant troubles. Our company stands out among every other company in this restoration industry.

We are available to give you service across the following areas - Cicero, Highland Park, Evanston, and other regions all over Greater Chicago. To get us appointed, you need to visit the link here or just call us straight away at 312-313-2426.

Significant Safety Precautions during The Mold Remediation Process

Molds can literally eat through your building materials and ruin the foundation of your entire property. When the fungus infests one area, it spreads all over the place, eventually destroying your property and endangering your life. From the moment the mold removal process starts, you need to follow some primary precautions.

  • Turn off the ducts, air conditioning, and furnace before.
  • Use a full-on PPE for cleaning up to safeguard your exposed skin.
  • Cover the area and do not let anyone enter during the remediation.
  • After the removal, a thorough power wash is absolutely needed to deep cleanse.
  • Wearing a mask throughout the cleanup procedure, additionally safety goggles and gloves.
  • Wrap up every content in the property so that the mold spores don’t lay on another object.
water damage causing mold growth on the interior walls of a property structura  mold

Remove Mold, Stay Safe with Romexterra Construction Inc.

We are an IICRC-certified company that ensures 100% customer satisfaction and willingness to serve you the best possible service all the time. All of our labor tools have at least 2 years' warranty. Experience is the core advantage of our company. Our mold remediation services also consist of mold testing, black mold remediation, mold from ceiling water leaks, HVAC mold remediation and more.

Simply visit the following link to contact us online. If you want to talk with us directly, call 312-313-2426.

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