Mold Testing Services in Chicagoland

Infestation of mold is a major problem in any property. Finding the source of the moisture that is causing the mold to grow should be the first order of business for a property owner. That's why it's crucial to use a mold testing service. Knowing the specific species of mold present is essential for deciding on the most effective method of removal.
You can rely on the professionals of Romexterra Construction Inc. for mold remediation services if mold is discovered at your property in Addison, Lockport, Barrington, Markham, and our other service areas or any of the other cities we serve after they have conducted a complete mold test with certified inspectors. Call us at 312-313-2426 or fill out our online contact form right now to schedule our affordable mold removal services for your house or business.

Mold Testing Process

To find out if mold is present in your house, you may get it tested by certified professionals. They may also check for dampness or water damage, both of which can be contributors to mold growth in your property.
Testing for mold consists of a visual assessment. After identifying the damage in your home, you may have the mold removed by professional restoration services. From then, they are free to assume full responsibility for the work. If you don't go with a reputable firm, you might end up with mold problems in the line, and rookie firms aren't equipped to deal with all of that.

professional worker mold testing from house

You Can Rely on Romexterra Construction Inc. to Take Care of Your Mold Issue

If mold testing reveals the presence of mold, you can rest certain that the seasoned technicians at Romexterra Construction will take care of the situation and eliminate the mold for good with our top-notch mold remediation services. Restoration services following water damage, fire damage, and other disasters are also provided by our staff to Chicagoland residents. Don't hesitate to contact us at 312-313-2426 or online when you need prompt assistance with your property maintenance needs.

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