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Most houses frequently encounter mold growth. Poor construction, leaky foundations, leaking roofs, plumbing mistakes, high humidity, inadequate ventilation, or damp basements may be the cause. Mold may quickly spread throughout your entire property once it begins to grow. However, mold is essentially a fungus that poses serious health risks. Because of this, mold decontamination is a highly important step of the remediation process. Romexterra Construction Inc. is a well-known business in the Chicago Metropolitan area that offers services to eliminate mold in a way that prevents the spores from dispersing and contaminating other components of your home.

Our services are available in Westchester, Hillside, Berkeley, Bellwood, and nearby surroundings. Call us at 312-313-2426 or reach us online here.

Why Do You Need A Professional Mold Decontamination Service?

Mold is kind of a micro bacterial organism that doesn't only affect your property, but it also causes severe health problems. The mold removal is not a DIY project. In order to reduce the risk, you need a professional mold decontamination service.

  • Eliminate the core of mold growth: Experts have the necessary equipment and proper knowledge for the removal process. They can remove the primary source in order to reduce any contamination.
  • Disinfect the entire area: Even if you remove the molds, there's a high chance that they might grow back. That's the reason why you need to disinfect the contaminated area to maintain proper hygiene and keep away illness or other damages.
  • Proper prevention: The professionals don't only stop the remediation service by removing molds. They follow proper techniques to prevent further damages that might get created.
professional worker mold decontamination in room

Romexterra Construction Inc. Has The Finest Mold Remedies

To keep your home and commercial property secure, our organization offers top-notch restoration services. We take pleasure in the improvements we make to each property, and we intend to keep offering these trustworthy services for many years to come. We serve a complete mold remediation service that includes mold testing, black mold remediation, preventing mold infestation, structural mold removal, HVAC mold removal, and more.

For online bookings, go visit the link here. You can also dial our number 312-313-2426 to contact us immediately.

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