Open Jobs for Romexterra Construction

Warehouse Manager

Full-time· $35,000-$45,000/year

750 W Annoreno, Addison, IL 60101

Job Description

Begin by opening the shop for the day and making sure there is no debris around the building.

Do an overall walk around of vehicles to check for damages.

Dump trash throughout the building.

Check all dump trailers to make sure they are taken to the landfill when ready.

Cleaning and processing of equipment that was used in the field.

General cleaning of the building.

Visual inspection of our facility. If anything doesn’t function at a 100% capacity, schedule a repair or replacement ASAP ( ex: doors, door locks, gates and locks, surveillance camera, light fixture, plumbing fixtures, HVAC units and controls etc)

Maintain access to the building clean and in safe condition during the winter ( remove snow and spread salt).

Weekly Tasks

Crew chief truck checks. Every Thursday after the meeting. (See truck checklist and report it to the ESR Manager.)

Check mileage on vehicles to ensure scheduled maintenance. Ie. Oil changes, fluid changes, tire rotations, etc

Check dump trailers and make sure they are 100% functional and are equipped with spare tires.

Going through the inventory list to check supplies and relay shortages to the ESR Manager.

Take one or two hours of office time to organize your lists and needs in the google sheets.

Meet or call the heads of every department to see if any facilities tasks are needed by them.

Lawn Maintenance including flower beds

Monthly/Quarterly tasks

Quarterly: Do full equipment inventory list to see if any equipment is missing and/or damaged.

Have crews pull all equipment from vehicles and clean and check for damages on the interior.

Visual inspection on Fire extinguishers, sprinklers and Fire alarm. Notify the authorized contractor if anything is wrong ( all fire extinguishers need annual inspections, please read the date on tags, same with the fire alarm located on the South East corner of the building).

Meeting with GM to go over performance and to talk about additional tasks that can be taken on under the Facilities Managers guidelines.

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