Commercial Restoration for Office Buildings in Chicagoland

It can be a stressful time when an office building is damaged by water, fire or both, especially if repairs and restoration are required, and they usually are in this case. Whether the damage was caused by a natural disaster or an unfortunate series of events, it’s imperative that the damage is repaired quickly and professionally. Otherwise, your business could lose revenue if it's not able to operate at full capacity.

If your office building in the Greater Chicagoland area has recently experienced fire damage, a flood, or a heavily-damaging storm, and you're building is in need of major and professional repairs in order to get business back on track, we are here to help. Contact us at Romexterra Construction and leverage our years of restoration experience and expertise in repairing damages and restoring all types of buildings, no matter what caused the damage in the first place.

With that said, here are some common sources of damage that could happen to an office building:

  • Electrical Fires - An electrical fire is one of the most common causes of fire damage in commercial or office buildings and is usually started by user error or electrical system malfunction. When user error is concerned, the main culprits include frayed power cords or too many appliances hooked up at the same time. For electrical system malfunctions, faulty wiring can be blamed. To prevent this, proper maintenance and usage of electronics are essential.
  • Cooking and Kitchen Fires -  Businesses that involve cooking or food service may find themselves at a high risk of a fire damage from cooking malfunction or an accident resulting in a grease fire. Kitchen areas in offices may also be at risk for fire damage. Always ensure that the kitchen and break areas have a nearby fire extinguisher that can easily be accessible in case of emergencies.
  • Burst pipes and Plumbing Problems - An office building’s plumbing system will always have a high volume of use. As such it’s very easy for a single pipe, drain or toilet to be clogged or backed up. This can result in bursts pipes or overflowing toilets. Sewage could also flow back up drains and puddle everywhere, causing not just water damage but also rank smells that can put off employees. To prevent this particular cause of water damage in office buildings, plumbing maintenance must be regularly scheduled.
  • Mold development due to Moisture Buildup - Improper construction and cooling/heating issues can cause moisture buildup in confined corners of an office building, which in turn can cause mold development. Not only can mold cause serious health issues for employees or guests, but structural weakening is also a concern. Resolving temperature control issues and fixing gaps in the structure that may attract moisture can prevent this issue.

Count on Romexterra to Restore Your Damaged Office Building in Chicagoland

Don’t let fire, water damage, or mold dictate the usability of your office. Contact Romexterra Construction at 312-313-2426 for professional commercial restoration services in the Greater Chicagoland, IL area.

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