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Reviewed By: Melissa D.
Location: Maywood, IL 60153

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Comment I developed a really strong, trustworthy bond with the company Romexterra over a period of a week when they came back to my house everyday until the problem was resolved. They tirelessly worked some days not finishing until 7 pm at night. The problem was that I left the heat too low and the negative temperatures came in January and the crawlspace in the older house was not accessible. The water pipes had frozen and busted underneath the house and were spilling out gallons of water a day once the weather warmed up and pipes thawed, but there was no way to access the main shut off valve to the house either. They had to make 5 different access points in the floor (cutting through three different floors (tile, hardwood, and planks of wood) to find the water pipes running through the crawlspace and replaced a new shut off valve. They turned on and off the water from the street without having to involve the city who did not report as fast. Once in the crawlspace most companies would have said for safety reasons they would not dare to trespass and crawl down there with the cobwebs and the skunk den and with the sewage being unhooked and spewing sewage under the house, but they took on the challenge. They were able to replace the galvanized pipes with copper and got the water pressure to come back. They also reconnected all of the drains to the main line and the toilet sewage reconnected. They are life savers and know how important water and sanitary drainage is to me and my family!
Thank you so much Dan, Mich, and George, you make such an excellent team and got the job done despite the precarious conditions of the old house with a crawlspace! It is hard to find crawlspace experts but they were confident and experienced.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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