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Types of Storm Damage Restoration

Types of storm damage restoration

When a storm hits your home, the amount of damage depends on the type of storm. The severity of the storm also impacts how much damage your home will experience and which part of your home is most impacted. 

For example, a hailstorm can cause a lot of damage to your roof and other exterior parts of your home without creating any water damage. Torrential rain, on the other hand, may cause flooding and a lot of water damage but may not result in loose shingles or broken siding.

Types of Storm Damage & the Restoration Work They Need

When a storm has passed and your property is damaged, you need to find a restoration company that can get your property and your life back in order ASAP. In the greater Chicagoland area, that company is Romexterra Construction Inc.

Some types of storm damage that you may encounter include:

  • Floods – Water damage is the primary issue you will face when it comes to flooding. Your restoration company must be able to handle any type of water damage restoration work that surfaces.
  • Winds – When strong winds hit your home, the damage you can expect from flying debris includes broken windows, missing shingles or even holes in your roof. You will need a company that can handle structural restoration after such a disaster.
  • Debris cleanup – In addition to restoring your home, the company you choose should also be able to remove any debris that a storm leaves behind. Fallen branches, broken glass, and other unwanted items in your crawlspace or basement should be issues that your restoration company can handle for you.

Whatever type of storm your home experiences in the Greater Chicagoland City Area, when you need help with your repairs and restoration, the company that can help you with all of the above is Romexterra Construction Inc. We are a restoration and repair company that has been helping people fix homes, businesses, and other establishments for over a decade. To get the help you need for the damage your home has suffered due to a storm, all you need to do is to contact us at 312-313-2426. Our friendly operators are on standby to answer your questions and to schedule your assessment.