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3 Biggest Consequences of Unchecked Water Damage

Even though faucet leaks and clogged drains are minor plumbing issues, ignoring them isn’t a risk you should take. Unchecked water damage can result in huge disasters in the blink of an eye, becoming more unmanageable with each passing hour. The moment water damage starts getting out of hand, not only will it be difficult to clean up, but there’s a higher chance that you’ll encounter any of the three consequences:

3 Biggest Consequences of Unchecked Water Damage

1. Unhealthy and Hazardous Environment

Water that comes from a plumbing or sewage overflow isn’t clean. Even if it doesn’t emit a foul stench or show signs of discoloration, that doesn't meant it's 100% free from viruses and bacteria. Since water is a formless substance and can be absorbed by your furniture and carpets, it can easily reach and fill various spaces in your property.

If your building is retaining a lot of water, you’re at risk of encountering the problems caused by high levels of moisture. These problems could include:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Dry and wood rot
  • Foul smelling odors
  • Water loving insect infestation
  • Waterborne diseases and illnesses

2. Severe Property Damage

Behind several minor water damage incidents lie a bigger disaster just waiting to happen. For example, a clogged drain often means that there’s a blockage in the pipes, and if it isn’t addressed properly, it could escalate into a burst pipe. Burst pipes are a serious threat to your property, as they have the potential to rip your flooring, ceilings, and walls apart. It could also cause indoor flooding, and drench your furniture and other valuables.

3. Expensive Repair and Water Utility Bills

When you allow unchecked water damage to worsen, repairing the damage becomes an expensive headache. Since there are more problems to address, the plumbers will need to use more materials, resources, and time to repair the situation. Additionally, unchecked water damage leads to an increase in your water utility bills because damaged and malfunctioning plumbing fixtures tend to waste water.

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If you continue to ignore the water damage around your property, these three consequences will only get tougher to handle. That’s why it’s important not to delay your plumbing repairs and make it a habit of getting regular maintenance.

If you’re experiencing a complicated plumbing problem in your property in the Greater Chicagoland areas, contact Romexterra Construction immediately.

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