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Preventing Burst Water Pipes

3 Biggest Consequences of Unchecked Water Damage

When winter comes, one of the problems you will face if you do not prepare your pipes accordingly is frozen and burst pipes. This brings about a couple of other problems, the most common including flooding and water damage. This is totally preventable and the things that can help prevent these issues from happening should be done before the cold winter season rolls in.

Here are some of the things you need to do in order to keep your water pipes from bursting in the freezing weather:

3 Biggest Consequences of Unchecked Water Damage

Insulate your pipes from the cold – if you wear warm clothing to protect yourself from cold winter weather, your pipes should also wear insulation to protect them from freezing and breaking in winter. When insulation is not enough to help keep pipes from freezing and breaking, consider using electrical heating tape to keep the pipes warm.

Keep an eye out for an extremely cold day – when your weatherman tells you that a day will be extra cold, you should make sure that you keep the heat on inside your home, even if you are going out. It also might be a good idea to open the sink cabinets when this happens so that the heat from your home reaches the pipes underneath.

Keep water running at a trickle when you expect extra cold nights too – when there is a forecast for freezing weather, it is a good idea to keep your faucets running at a trickle. This will keep water running and won’t give your pipes a chance to freeze over.

If water does freeze in your pipes despite all your efforts, you should get in touch with us, at Romexterra Construction Inc., immediately to address the situation and provide burst and frozen pipe repair. We specialize in services related to flooding and water damage, like frozen and burst pipes. We also handle fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and general construction services.

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