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Preparing for Storm and Flood Damage

Strong storms and floods are destructive forces of nature. It is essential to prepare for them once you hear reports of an incoming tornado or severe thunderstorm. Yet many homeowners are unaware what to do when these disasters strike and leave themselves ill-prepared for their moment of crisis.

Thankfully, by following these tips, you’ll know exactly what to do before, during, and after a strong storm or flood impacts your home or office:

Before the Storm

How to Prepare Your Family

Emergency kit
  1. Prepare an emergency kit for every individual in your household. The kit should contain three days’ worth of food and water, as well as batteries, flashlights and other essentials.
  2. Create a disaster preparedness plan for your family and make sure that each person has a specific role to play. When everyone understands his or her duties, you can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.
  3. Keep the phone numbers of your insurance provider, local authorities, and preferred restoration company close by. This will ensure that you can contact ASAP once the storm has passed.
  4. Listen to your local news outlets for weather warnings. Doing so can help you gauge the severity of the storm and alert you if a flash flood is imminent.

How to Prepare Your Home

Prepare Your Home
  1. Bring your outdoor furniture inside your home, shed or garage. Strong winds can pick them up and fling them across the yard.
  2. Make sure that your gutter system is cleaned and clear. If your gutter or downspout is clogged, it can cause rainwater to overflow in and around your property, creating damages.
  3. Inspect your roof and see if it has any missing or broken tiles. If you see any damage, repair it immediately to ensure that your roof can withstand the severity of the storm.
  4. Trim any overhanging tree limbs to prevent branches from falling on your house during strong wind gusts.
  5. Board up your doors and windows to protect your living spaces from rainwater and debris.

During the Storm

During the Storm

When the storm arrives, do whatever you can to keep yourself safe and calm. If you’re inside your house, remember to shut down your main power and water supply to avoid further damage. It’s also in your best interest to stay away from the floodwater at all costs.

If you’re stuck outside, make sure to seek higher ground. It’s also unwise to walk, swim, or drive through floodwaters because the torrent can sweep you away.

After the Storm

During the Storm

Once the storm passes, be sure to assess the damages. Even if your home is untouched, the surrounding area could be riddled with hazards like fallen downed power lines or shattered glass. As such, it is wise to wait until the local authorities declare it’s safe to go outside or return to your home.

If your property is damaged, call your insurance provider and share the details. Afterward, contact your local restoration company. Dealing with the aftermath and clean-up issues by yourself is difficult, so it is wise to hire professionals to help you recover.

When disaster strikes, contact Romexterra Construction Inc. to help you rebound from storm or flood damages. Our company offers provides superior services for storm damage restoration, disaster restoration, and construction in the Greater Chicagoland areas. All of our emergency services are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 312-313-2426 today.